Self Realization

"We cannot change anything unless we accept it."


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Experiencing Reality in 4-D

Perception is Reality Your perception is simple  It’s based on a frame. You’re limited to seeing one dimension. You only see what you want to see. And can either use something or you can’t. Your point of view will never Read more…

The 2 Minute Happiness Drill

If you read my last blog post, I mentioned the limitations of our spoken language and how it impairs our ability to have meaningful success or lasting happiness. Happiness and love both work as a kind of paradox, independently of Read more…

Let It Go

If you don’t put it down you’re going to be carrying around too much weight.

5 Secrets to an Amazing Life

Are you living your life on purpose? Take a moment to stop what you’re doing.  Breathe in deeply, exhale, and continue reading this glorious post. It could change your life. Today we communicate at light speed and move even faster. Read more…

Freedom is a State of Mind

Freedom is a state of mind The best lessons I’ve learned in life are always the ones that humbled me the most.  I was laying in bed, mid-day, Hawaii. I went to the beach a few times and did some Read more…

Go for It…but use Common Sense

When you start walking down a long tunnel, it doesn’t seem that hard in the beginning. The light behind you is a comfort, reassuring you that the familiar is still there. As you travel further, the light fades and it Read more…

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